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This yoga is formed when more than three planets are exalted in a Kundali.

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In the same way, there are also inauspicious Yogas in a kundali. Vish yoga is an inauspicious yoga. This yoga is formed due to the position of Saturn and Moon. An inauspicious Vish yoga is formed due to the association of Saturn and Moon.

A parivartana yoga should be formed between the two planets or the two planets should be in opposite states and aspecting each other. A person has to bear the effects of Vish yoga if Rahu is in the eighth house and Saturn, Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio are in ascendant. A person with this yoga may face a lot of health problems.

He may even have to face a lot of obstacles in his family life. Such a person has a suspicious nature. Kemdrum Yoga is an important yoga in astrology which is formed on the basis of Moon. This yoga is formed when the houses adjacent to Moon are vacant. In other words, there are no planets in the second and twelfth house from the Moon. In astrology, Moon is believed to be the karak planet of mind. It is usually seen that a person may be sometimes restless due to inactivity. He may think about a lot of unnecessary and negative things. Kemdrum Yoga also provides results.

Shraapit yoga is another inauspicious yoga. It is also known as Shraapit Dosha.

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Shraapit Yoga is formed when both Saturn and Rahu are in one sign. Both these planets give inauspicious results. Therefore, the Yoga formed with an association of these planets is known as Shraapit yoga.

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This yoga is also formed when Rahu is aspected by Saturn. It is believed that the presence of this yoga lessens the auspicious effects of other Yogas in a kundali. A person with this Yoga has to face obstacles and challenges in his life.

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