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But take heed, young buck, there are very pushy Jupiter and Uranus vibes in the celestial sphere, so you will be itching to make moves quickly and perhaps neglecting necessary but patently boring stuff like budgets and scheduling. It is going to take some restraint to resist jumping off cliffs and diving into the unknown, literally or figuratively, but the stars counsel a measure of patience in your endeavors. Well definitely get on that. Although there are romantic tidings in your chart this month, there is also an amplification of your inward-looking nature.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to clamber atop my soapbox and advocate for the valuation and appreciation of physical self-love. Yes, I am absolutely talking about masturbation. But I am also absolutely talking about other physical expressions of love, adoration, and romance that are given to you by you and for you!

This is a wonderful time to practice some sensual self-care. I highly recommend the practice of Abhyanga —an ayurvedic technique of self-massage using nourishing oils. I literally cannot get enough of myself after these massages. I want that for you in a totally platonic and chill way! Virgos are known throughout the vast world of astrology memes to be very, hmm, I think particular is the most neutral word I could use. Thus, Mercury retrogrades, with all of their delays and miscommunications, can really put a damper on your love of linear progression.

Salutations, you well-loved fiddle leaf fig! I am surprised that you even had time to read these horoscopes considering how full your dance card is this month!

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

The stars suggest that you go full-libra mode: dress in sumptuous fabrics only this is always my advice for everyone at literally any point in the time-space continuum , text all 17 of the adoring folx that are currently blowing up your phone a line of smiling devil emojis, and dust each and every shoulder on your body in blindingly luminescent highlighting powder. With the full moon in Aquarius on the 15th, you will notice an exhilarating momentum culminating in the completion of a creative project.

What else do I have for you? Well, Mars and Uranus will probably have you looking for some solitude around the end of the month, which will be really good for you after four weeks of rigorous gallivanting and carousing. Okay, my dude? I love you and I want to end by telling you that I hold an intuitive belief that you have the capacity to make an excellent quiche, and I want to encourage you to lean into that.

Dear sweet scorpling, you light beneath every boulder, I am so excited for your Leo season! Let me put it this way: If all the astrology signs went on a beach vacay, Scorpios would generally be the ones dressed in all black with a massive umbrella, surveying the horizon and plotting out some form of domination. During Leo season, though, all bets are off! Like, you might catch a Scorpio engaging in enthusiastic small talk with a stranger in line at CVS. Before we move on I would like to point out that we are truly doing ourselves a disservice by only using the verb ooze when referring to sexuality or pus.

I think we should be able to ooze many things and I am open to your suggestions as to innovative usages of ooze. Now, back to the matter at hand. This whole month is going to be abuzz with social delights, for which we must thank the tiny baby lord of all things that are holy because July was a friggin mess.

Birthdays on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Your social graces will be at their peak around the full moon in Aquarius on the 15th so be prepared for your own magnetism because it will be something for the record books. This would be an excellent time to advocate for yourself in your work life, or to stunt on your enemies in your personal life.

Just saying. Oh my lucky stars Sag, it feels fantastic to be here under the auspices of celestial wisdom, choppin it up with you once again. I want to talk to you about abundance, about feast and famine, about deserts and oases!

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But let us begin with dim sum. Once you bite into the dumplings you dreamed of, you find yourself settling back into a sense of peace and optimism. I am talking about the particular kind of ecstasy that comes from encountering exactly the thing you need after a period of confused longing. I chose to evoke the image of the mythical unlimited dim sum spot not only because I am currently craving turnip cakes and baozi, but also because after the frustration of Mercury retrograde, Leo season will bring you fulfillment and delight that could be paralleled only by the acquisition of more plentiful dim sum rations than you ever even thought possible.

The celestial bodies, particularly your ruling planet Jupiter with its saucy intersection with Venus, are conspiring to bring serendipitous abundance and adventure into your life.

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In the latter half of the month this will spill over into your creative and professional life, so keep an eye out for opportunities to get out of town. This is going to be an excellent time of year for you Sag—the full moon in Aquarius will give you the clarity and foresight to make decisions that serve your highest dreams.

I am honestly so excited I just gave myself full body chills. Good luck out there, scamp. Second of all, this month could shake up some of the bonds and obligations that have become stale in your life. This is good news! No one wants the crusty leftovers of love, it is time to feed those to the ornery pigeons in the park—I want only fresh-baked commitments for you! More From Daily Horoscopes Pisces Daily Horoscope. Aquarius Daily Horoscope.

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The Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Leo Daily Horoscope. In personal relationships they are kind, loving, generous and surprisingly playful. Their normally slightly repressed emotions are free to unfold in soulmate relationships. With the right partner, they can relax enough to get close and open up. Sagittarian Oxes are mainly forthright and respectful, so people can be quite taken aback when they are not. These Sagittarian's weakness of personality is the tendency to be a bit outspoken. Sometimes their shy, easygoing natures are angered by something or someone, and they will retaliate. A Sagittarian Ox will on rare occasions lose his or her cool, and will become blunt at their best, and disrespectful at their worse.

They can be very hurtful with words, but do not often mean what they say in anger. They do have to be really irate for this weakness to the surface. The Open-minded Sagittarian Ox Personality Chinese astrology describes the Ox as an adaptable and dependable personality that is a deep and methodical thinker. Comments: Sagittarius Ox Personality. Beya woaaahh I'm shocked how accurate. It would be cool to know comparability with other zodiac star signs as well. Suzy Very accurate and so many more questions i'am still curious about like what career choices is best for Sag-ox and what can they improve on.

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Suzy its very accurate but I also want to know about the career choices that best fit for Sagittarius ox. They enjoy discussing many of questions that life presents This is very accurate.

My brother's sag-ox and i love discussing science, theology, etc.. We enjoy sharing our own opinions in various topics as we are both open-minded. Iris Spot on! Drake Perfect Lor Yep, got it pretty much nailed there.