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But now you enjoy freedom and peace. He said the government integrated over 12, youths who worked as LTTE cadres into the society. The government allocates millions of funds for infrastructure and other development activities in the Northern province. But the provincial administration have not utilised those funds for the betterment of the people and the Province.

He urged the people in the Northern Province to ask the provincial political authority to utilise the funds allocated for the development of the province. The government has allocated over Rs. The Chief Minister told Ceylon Today, "The invitation for the handing over the land permits in Kilinochchi carried only names of those in government.

None of the Provincial Council members had been referred to. They want us to come, sit on a side, watch the fun, applaud and go home. We are not prepared to do that. We have been elected by our people. They are using the Central Government clout to avoid us. But they forget they have been rejected. So we are boycotting his visit to Kilinochchi. Recently, the CM in his letter to the President had recapitulated about being informed that busloads had been arranged to bring people from far off places to Kilinochchi, to receive the land permits.

I am, of course, aware that a minister of your government and an MP allied to Your Excellency's Party dispensed permits prior to February, based on their political needs in violation of principles of due process, transparency and accountability," he stated in the letter, that was released to the public domain. Sobitha, political parties in agreement colombogazette. The Maubima Janatha Party led by Dr.

Hemakumara Nanayakkara and the Nawa Sihala Urumaya were among five political parties which met the monk today for talks. At the discussion it was agreed that all political parties should work together on one platform with a common agenda, the key agenda being to abolish the Executive Presidency, Dr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara said. The Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha thero had said in August that if President Mahinda Rajapaksa fails to abolish the post of Executive Presidency then he will gather the support of the public to field a Common Candidate at the next Presidential elections.

Sobhitha thero had said that the main target of his movement is to ensure the Executive Presidency is abolished. The monk said that even the current President had spoken against the Executive Presidency and so if he fails to abolish it then a Common Candidate will be supported to do that. The Minamata Convention is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury.

It was concluded at the fifth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee in Geneva, Switzerland. One hundred and twenty five countries have signed this agreement, while six countries have so far ratified it. Minamata is a city in Japan where a massive mercury spill in caused people and fish and those who consumed the fish to become seriously ill. In all, people died and 2, people are still suffering from mercury poisoning. The Minamata disease is a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning.

Not only does Minamata create numbness in the body, it also creates damage to hearing and speech as well as narrowing of the field of vision. Gurunathan Minister is for a period of two and a half years.

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But the creation of a new administrative district in the ceylontoday. The proposed new the Eastern Provincial Council until the administrative district would find a permanent government acceded to the SLMC demand to political solution to the Muslim community in the create Ampara Coastal Administrative District in East, he added. Jameel, SLMC councilors carved out before the presidential election. We will group in the EPC. The SLMC is instead of carving out a new administrative district now in a state of regaining its bargaining power called Ampara Coastal Administrative District.

But the top most demand of the nation. Rtd Maj. Nanda Jameel further stated that now the government Mallawarachchi, was the thinks that it could get the support of the SLMC at former Secretary to the Ministry the coming presidential election by handing over of Law and Order. The post of Chief August Former minister A. M Buddhadasa has been appointed as the Chairman of the Uva provincial council. He secured victory with 19 votes. Saliya Sumedha secured the Vice Chairman post.

He nominated by Hema Ratnayaka and seconded by Kumarasiri Ratnayaka. He also secured 19 votes against He was nominated by Upali Kumarasiri and seconded by Upali Samaraweera. Civil and Political Rights. An Amnesty delegation accompanied them. He said that the UN Human Rights Committee understands that there was a difficult conflict in Sri Lanka but that there still continues to be impunity and other concerns in the country.

With the end of the review Sri Lanka was given 48 hours to submit written clarifications on some of the issues raised by the committee. The party has a;ready conducted several seminars across the country to educate JVP supporters and Wigneswaran gets fidgety over land distribution By Sandun Jayawardana activists on Presidential election. It is widely speculated that the JVP will boycott the forthcoming presidential election citing its "illegitimacy".

Quoting late President J. Jayawardene he said it is not worth allowing a person to hold the executive presidency for the third time if he is not able to fulfill what is expected from him during his first and second terms as the president. Today he said a question has arisen as to whether the present president is able to contest once again or not. He said some constitutional experts had explained that the incumbent president cannot contest for another term as per the Interpretation Ordinance as the 18th Amendment is not valid for the past.

Premadasa stressed that referring the matter to the Judiciary would not help considering the event in the recent past. In this context he referred to the episode with regard to former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake whom he said was impeached for not agreeing with the stance of the ruling UPFA on certain matters. In such a scenario Mr. Athureliya Rathana Thera, of the Jathika Hela Urumaya JHU , yesterday warned if President Rajapaksa did not abolish the Executive Presidency and implement the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, they would take every step to ensure his defeat at the upcoming presidential election.

Silva presented the 19th Amendment which consisted of eight points. The 19th Amendment to the Constitution, proposed that parliament be empowered to abolish the Executive Presidency and create a constitutional alliance between President and Prime Minister. Rathana Thera said the 18th Amendment to the Constitution should be replaced by the 19th Amendment with approval in Parliament.

A number of prominent Buddhist monks, including Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha Thera, Ven. Akmeemana Dayarathana Thera, Ven. Rajawatte Wappa Thera, Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera, Ven. Radhakrishnan appointed as the Deputy minister sundaytimes. Radhakrishnan took oath before President Mahinda Rajapaksa this morning. With this latest appointment the number of Deputy Ministers increases to Wigneswaran regarding the distribution of as many as 20, land grants to families in the Northern Province.

The government plans to distribute the land grants today October 12 under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa at a ceremony in Kilinochchi. However, the Northern Province Chief Minister, in a letter addressed to the President on Friday October 10 , claimed he had been kept in the dark regarding the process.

However, when contacted, Land Commissioner General R. Rajapaksa said provincial land officials were fully involved in the selection process. In addition, the 28 Divisional Secretaries of the relevant areas conducted land kachcheris and helped select the allottees. He further insisted all those who are due to receive land grants are people who possessed ownership of lands in the Northern Province. Many have been living in these lands for decades.

The Chief Minister has also claimed in his letter that he had come to know that buses have been arranged to bring people from far off places. We saw the same thing in the Mahaweli zones before that. It takes time for us to finalize everything and collect all these permits. Sometimes, the process might take even a year. A total of families from the Mannar district, from Vavuniya, from Kilinochchi, from Mullaitivu and from Jaffna are due to receive land grants at the ceremony.

Foreigners need prior permission to visit North-Govt dailymirror. Military spokesman Ruwan Wanigasuriya told a media conference that foreigners who wish to visit the North either as tourists or in connection with some projects should inform the Ministry of Defence about the nature of the proposed visit and the area they intend visiting and obtain its prior permission to do so. He said this was being done to prevent foreigners who visit the North under the pretext of being involved in development projects but were engaged in promoting communal disharmony and thus posing a serious threat to national security.

Brigadier Wanigasuriya said a notice would be issued in this regard and pointed out that no foreigner was debarred from visiting the North. He said prior permission could be obtained by forwarding a letter or Fax to the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development and permission obtained in writing. Darshana Sanjeewa Akila to take over from where JR left ceylontoday. He said, he is going to pick up from where JR left off and would continue JR's policies notwithstanding that it may prove unpopular among the masses.

He said he feels a common candidate is the best option to defeat Rajapaksa. His feelings sparked off when a scribe, at yesterday's media briefing, asked whether the UNP would scrap the executive presidency. Kariyawasam responded, "We will pick up where JR left off.

The UNP is a Party which has always stood firmly by its policies, even when those policies made it unpopular among the masses and led to losing elections. This mandatory offer expired yesterday 13 October and Softlogic said under this offer a further Accordingly, Softlogic Group currently owns Softlogic Group earlier acquired In sight. Olympic-sized pool. The locals have incredible stories to destinations like Spain or the Caribbean. I first visited in — when England played their ruins. The fort was built by the Portuguese in the 14th first visited, the railway line - and Then we went and played in Kandy, in the central century and it split the wave and saved thousands a train - were yards away in province, and it has become one of my favourite of lives.

Nobody inside died - you can walk around a coconut tree. I managed Buddhist community. It must be part of your itinerary. He put war and has suffered down the rod while he nipped to the loo and his terribly. James was livid. Splendid: The south coast of Sri Lanka has glorious beaches Lanka?

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Do it. It is all there to be explored. The main draw are the and has recovered from the tsunami of Tourism on the south coast is well-established. It should establish itself within five years. Anuradhapura - the capital of the north They are the reason my wife Kath and I keep central province - and Mihintale, which is the returning. In AD, a I only really started to fall in love with the country The grandchildren loved it - they would Sri Lankan king built his castle atop the rock.

As a player we compete to find the biggest fish. Other great restaurants in the capital are the I visited the south at the start of , just after the it the eighth wonder of the world. Ministry of Crab, which is owned by Sri Lankan I climbed it on my first cricket tour and was tsunami. It was horrendous, with bodies still being cricketers Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela amazed.

So much that, while taking a photo, I pulled from the rubble. I remember watching in European cuisine. E U Saranga revealed. Sudam Pahalagama and dailynews. Mas Linea Aqua with around Rs 10 Million. A total of hectares have been cleared by now and a total of Rs 15 million by After an initial feasilibity sudy, collaboration with Department of Wildlife Conservation DWC , it was decided that the best method to eradicate cactus and Prosopis sp from the area would be through a combination of machinery and human labour, thus preventing any future reproduction of these species.

The supervision and monitoring of the project is done with the assistance of DWC. Simply clearing the invasive species is not sustainable. To avoid erosion and loss of moisture, the cleared area would have to be maintained to allow quick regeneration of native flora. A range of native plants is regenerating in the cleared areas and being followed by an influx of deer, porcupines, tortoises, elephants, wild boars, rabbits and many bird species. Ca r Book your collection well in advance. With our weekly sailing, your gift box will get to Colombo within 25 - 30 days If you want your loved one to receive their gift box direct to their home, you need to allow another 10 days.

The event started with the offering of Buddha Puja at There were Venerable monks present from various temples in Sri Lanka and United Kingdom at the ceremony including Ven. Pidiville Pyatissa thero,the head monk of kethumati vihara,Manchester. Galpotyaye Pemananda thero and Ven. Pannala Sumana thero from Manchester vihara. Nilpanagoda Anoma Nayaka thero from Samadhi meditation centre, Edmonton. Wakamulle Uditha thero from Letchworth Buddhist viharaya. Beragama Piyarathana thero from sri sambuddha viharaya, Liverpool. The Kathina Robe was offered to the monks by the devotees with deep devotion and perehara reminding all participants the beauty and the religious atmosphere of a typical Kathina ceremony in a Sri Lankan Village.

Atapirikara and requisites for the monks and food were offered by the members and devotees of Jetavana Buddhist Vihara. This year's Kathina ceremony was sponsored by Mr. Kamal Siriwardhana and his family, Mr. Sugath Jayasinghe and his family. We can help you.

Dissanayake told The Island yesterday that archaeological analysis of the finds that commenced in August this year at the Sabaragamuwa office of the Department of Archaeology was continuing. The process of analysis was being conducted under the There were beads made of bones and colours made of gurugal cinnabar used to smear bodies with. According to the animal remains dug up during the excavations, it has been found that the Kuragala pre-historic man consumed the flesh of animals who lived in both dry and wet zones, including sea fish and lagoon crabs.

They also consumed the meat of various animals which are now extinct, leopards, wild oxen, reptiles, snails etc. The Beta Analytic Institution of the USA that analysed samples of the Kuragala site earlier said that its prehistoric earth layers belonged to a time dating back 16, to 6, years. This is the first archaeological site which belongs to the intermediate zone. Nimal Perera with the assistance of several foreign institutes. The objective of the process was to ascertain history, subsistence patterns, ancient environment and technology used by the pre-historic men who inhabited the Kuragala caves, Dr.

Dissanayake said. The main evidence so far was that the caves had been inhabited by the Balangoda man. It has now been confirmed that the ancient humans who lived in those caves knew the use of fire and were well-adapted to the environment they lived in. They had close links with humans who lived in other parts, especially in coastal areas during that time. They also knew how to make geometric bone and micro-lithic tools, according to the results of morphometric assessments done on the tools found during the excavations.

UPFA councillors summoned to Colombo dailymirror. Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa is reported to have announced this at a meeting he had with the staff members of the ministers and MPs on the Kuragala ancient Buddhists monastery belong to the 3rd BC-1 AD. A full skeleton of a man had been unearthed during an excavation recently and sent to laboratories of the Oxford University in Britain for further investigation and DNA tests, Dr.

He had held a few meetings with different stakeholders assigned for election propaganda and related work. At one of the meetings, Mr. Rajapaksa had instructed the coordinating secretaries assigned to each electorate to set up election coordinating committees. He had also outlined the need to have a mechanism to counter the opposition through the electronic media in the run-up to the election. He had asked the private staff members of various Ministers and MPs to counter propaganda against the UPFA in websites and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Rajapaksa had been careful not to mention a presidential election. Incorporating J. This year the Katina Poojava Katina offering was sponsored by Mr. Gayanthi Atulugamage and Mr. Prabath and Kumudu Perera, with the great support of the management committee and all the other devotees of the Temple.

The ceremonial activity commenced at 7. All the devotees and Rev. The Five Precepts were administered by Most Ven. Sooriyawewa Kusala Thero. Thereafter, The punniya anumodhanawa invoking merits was delivered by Most Ven. Kattakaduwe Sumanarathana Thero. Mathugama Palitha Thero. Monk Wakamulle Uditha Thero. The Vice President Mr.

This year during the Vass period, The Letchworth Temple carried out several meritorious events. For the first time the colouring of the Katina Cheewara Katina Robe was carried out with the leadership of Ven. Sooriyawewa Kusala Thero on Saturday, 4th October. Every Saturday, an evening Special Buddha Pooja was carried out followed by a Dhamma Sermon and they were sponsored by various devotees.

Specially, the devotees of the Letchworth Temple were blessed to have four Ven. Monks observing the Vass Season. The event was well attended by the devotees and friends of the temple. The Maha Snagha of the temple, the committee members of BCCL and the organizers of the Katina wish to extend their appreciation to all those who attended and extending their support for making this event a great success.

We cannot be held responsible for any dealings done with him. Galayaye Piyadassi Nayaka Thero, organised a 3 month's alms giving for late Mrs. Galayaye Dhammadassi Thero. Several such ceremonies were held by the family and devotees, in Temples in Sri Lanka, UK, and Paris as well as in several other countries. The sermon was delivered by Ven. Galayaye Piyadassi Nayka Thero had studied under the same tutor of Ven.

Gnanissara Nayaka Thero delivered a stirring sermon which was adored by the devotees. He said that the Nayaka Thera's late mother was very fortunate indeed to have a son and a young grandson serving the Sasana. The son was having a distinguished career and had received honours in the UK , Myanmar and Sri Lanka, all of which would have brought happiness to the mother. This happiness and the simple village life she led, saw her living to a ripe old age of years. She was indeed a very fortunate lady who had acquired merit in her life.

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He quoted from the Girimananda Sutta which describes the various illnesses and how they come about. Everything should not be blamed wholly on the Karma Vipaka. Healthy living is most important for health. He quoted the instance where a young lad who was drunk, having fallen asleep on the road in heavy snow, freezing to death or the doctor who drowned in a basin of water. The celebrations were in recognition that years ago the Buddha statue holding central place in the art gallery had been presented to the city's council to form the nucleus round which its art gallery eventually grew.

The seventh century statue, once part of a large Vihara in Northern India was discovered outside the town of Sultanganj as engineers were constructing the East Indian Railway in When it came to the notice of Samuel Thornton, a former Lord Mayor of Birmingham working in India at the time, he arranged for it to be sent back to his native city, where it arrived in On Saturday 4 October the public were invited to a display of work carried out by different Buddhist groups in the West Midlands including prison, police and hospital chaplaincy.

Meditation sessions were also conducted during this time and in a final session Buddhist monks, led by Venerable W.

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Kassapa O. E, chanted for the well-being of all in the city. During the afternoon, Yann Lovelock B. Curators from the Museum's London partners, the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum, had come for the occasion as well as a representative from the British Council. Michael Willis, the first of these visitors, also gave a talk on the statue's artistic significance. Members of the local Buddhist community closed the occasion by expressing what the Sultanganj Buddha meant to them and Yann Lovelock read a poem about it.

The monks, led by Ven. Kassapa, closed the occasion by chanting for the West Midlands to be blessed with the Buddha's presence for at least another years. Realisation of the statue's significance has grown over the century and a half it has been in Birmingham, not least as the art world recognised its uniqueness as the largest surviving metal standing Buddha of Indian origin. For the Midlands Buddhist community, the statue has helped awaken devotion through being the focus of annual Buddha Day gatherings in the museum, which have included many from the city's twenty Buddhist groups.

Nowadays many who are not Buddhist leave offerings of flowers or come to share the atmosphere of serenity that it inspires. It is to the great credit of both the Museum's generosity and the Buddhist community's willingness to work together that such events can take place. The programme for the day had been drawn up along traditional lines, commencing at 11 a. Proceedings concluded at 3 p. Fourteen Venerable Monks drawn from Viharas across the country took part in this great meritorious ceremony. Over devotees were present to make the traditional presentations of robes and other Pirikara to the Venerable Monks on this occasion.

Many of these devotees had given generously of their time, several of them having gone to great lengths to decorate the hall and approaches to it with masses of flowers and flags. By common consent, their efforts and contributions had made this meritorious event the deeply spiritual as well as satisfying experience it was for everyone who had participated in it.

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Lucky day Saturday. Pisces the Fishes 20th Feb - 20th March Renovations to your domestic scene will pay high rewards. Develop some of your good ideas. Don't start any arguments unless you're prepared to accept irrevocable results. Joseph's road, Kanuwana, Ja Ela. Phillipneri's Road, Katukurunda, Kalutara. This was especially so with political agendas that took hold strongly in the early s and in the years following independence. However, it is well agreed that he called on his countrymen to espouse social and economic practices that would make Sri Lanka a self-sufficient country.

He promoted the development of the agricultural economy and that of indigenous industries. He floated the idea that Sri Lankans should equip themselves with new industrial and technological knowledge and even went to the extent of sending two youths to China on a scholarship to learn about textiles and paper manufacturing. However, during his later life, in spite of his strenuous endeavours to revive and preserve Buddhism in Sri Lanka and abroad, Anagarika Dharmapala felt ill-treated by those sceptics in his homeland.

He resorted to living mainly in India and maintained contact with his closest confidante, Devapriya Walisinghe. He gave instructions to Walisinghe who carried them out loyally till the very end. Newslanka Notice It is a condition of acceptance of advertisement orders that the proprietors of Newslanka do not guarantee the insertion of any particular advertisement on a special date or at all, although every effort will be made to meet the wishes of advertisers: further they do not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing or nonappearance of any advertisement.

They also reserve the right to classify correctly any advertisement, edit or delete any objectionable wording or reject any advertisement. Newslanka does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any services or goods offered by the advertisers. In , Anagarika Dharmapala was ordained a bhikku by the name of Devamitta and he died at Saranath on April 29 of the same year, aged I leave you with a one of the great sayings of this hallowed personality.

It would best be contemplated well upon, for it is very relevant to your life and mine. But it may well be that this sheds light on an indelible fact of the life of this magnanimous person; a saying that he preached and practiced well right throughout. The past is infinite. It has no known beginning. With an infinite past, with the future before you, which you make for good or for evil, with the present under your control, your destiny is in your hands. Please make cheques payable to Newslanka Ltd. We have been improving with each outing and things can only get better.

In fact we are even faster that the rest. They were one of the most applauded teams in the two Legs played so far, in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and to look back can only spell tragedy for the future as all players have now become role models for budding hopefuls. While Sri Lanka lost a match but won the hearts as a collective unit, one of the players that turned many heads was the fleet-footed Anuruddha Wilwara who it appeared could have run faster whenever he wanted as he left his pursuers gasping. Pictures by Thusith Wijedoru room for passengers. Wilwara is an asset, but credit to the whole team.

Rugby is a team game and success will always depend on how the players rally together, said Marija. But to make a clean sweep of the Asian spectacle and book a place at the World Sevens, Sri Lanka will need to ensure that the perfect start is the ideal finish in a game where a split-second decision can determine a whole year of preparation. And Marija knows too well that the shadows are lengthening fast.

We must improve in the kickoffs and we should if you take the way we have come this far. It s just a matter of time and I think things will be okay, said Marija. His remarks recalled how Sri Lanka conceded two quick tries to China in the second Leg in Malaysia last week to concede a lead, but made a reassuring comeback in the second half to win the match The team may have also considered itself rather unfortunate that history eluded Sri Lanka by a whisker when the ultimate winners Hong Kong got away with a frightening result in the semifinals.

Hong Kong s winning try in retrospect came when Sri Lanka was reduced to six players after one was yellow carded. I would say that in Hong Kong and Malaysia we were unlucky in both semi-final games, but the brightest spark is that we have been improving tournament by tournament, said Marija. There are also the skeptics who would argue that Sri Lanka never had a history of positive consistency and the current upward trend was more like a one-off bolt that comes with time. Marija begs to differ and sees a whole new future ahead for Sri Lanka.

We are playing more matches and having a foreign coach has done a lot of good for the team. I think the Union Sri Lanka Rugby Football administration is doing a good job and backing the players. There are plenty of opportunities for players to improve and with this a lot of players are going to come through, said Marija. Sri Lanka will contest the third Leg of the Asian Sevens on October 18 and 19 in Beijing, China but before that the team will have a crack at an event at the Asian Games this month in South Korea where Marija contends there is a medal for the taking.

Chasing for a win, the Kieron Pollard-led Mumbai rode a run opening stand between Lendl Simmons and Mike Hussey 60 to achieve the target in Earlier put into bat, Southern Express rode Farveez Maharoof s ball 41 to post for 6 in 20 overs. Doctors have recommended immediate transplant surgery of both kidneys to save her life. The cost of the surgery is estimated at Rs. The final day s chief guest was Dennis Rozairo, former SL rep and hockey stalwart. Nalanda won Picture shows the victorious Janadhipathi Balika team with the chief guest. Also in the picture S. Jiffrey Abdeen, Kandy Sports Corr dailynews.

At half time the scores were level at nil all. It was quite an achievement by Janadhipathi Vidyalaya to defeat a strong outfit like Sangamitta Balika Vidyalaya from the hockey town and they had a number of players who had played for the junior national side and the provincial teams including the Inter-District Championship. Janadhipathi Vidyalaya drew first blood through centre forward Sandali Perera after the teams had changed ends.

But Sangamitta stickers were not ruffled by this scoring as they hit back through a fine goals by centre half Nawanjanaya Ekanayyaka to equalise. In the period of play very good hockey was witnessed and with the minutes ticking away Janadhipathi Vidyalaya scored the winning goal through left extreme Chamodhi Chandeepa. Call for details. If your answer is YES to one of the above, Please contact us urgently.

We can help you. Our promise to you: are Rev. The Manager of the team Rear Admiral Sarath Dissanayake of the Navy said that Sri Lanka qualified to participate in the Asian Games after a lapse of 36 years and prior to that they had to play in two qualifying tournaments held in Thailand and Bangladesh. They performed will in both to get recognition and this augurs well for the future of the game. He said that one of the main contributory factors was that the squad had been Contd: on 28 Sandali Perera of Janadhipathi Vidyalaya was adjudged the best player of the tournament.

Ajith Manjula and H. Jeewananda umpired with Anuruddha Herath as coordinator.

In the fight for the third place Panadura Balika Vidyalaya with a last minute goal beat Visakha Vidyalaya This championship was conducted by the overall coordination of Director Sports Ministry of Education B. Now he requires an urgent bone marrow transplant and he needs your help! The transplant will cost approx. SL Rs. Geethaka s family are not able to raise such funds and any help would be helpful. Your presence at this occasion to promote camaraderie among the Old Pathanians of the 73 Group, and to discuss ways of assisting our school, will be deeply appreciated.

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South Asia

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We will then forward it to the advertiser. If you receive replies and are not interested, then it would be nice to say no-thank-you to the people who write to you. Please try to return photo's when sent with a stamped self addressed envelope. Sinhala Catholic brother UK -Seeking professionally qualified groom from UK for his only sister, 26, slim, pretty BSC graduate working in a multinational shipping line as an assistant manager, studied at good Shepherd convent Colombo 13 and parents retired and living in Colombo Sri Lankan Band based in London with experience professional musicians looking for a Female singer for the band, who is able to sing in both Sinhalese and English.

Assets in UK. Jiffrey Abdeen dailynews. At half time there was no scoring. The finals produced red hot hockey with both teams striving hard to clinch the hockey plum where only the best three schools from each province qualified to play. Royal College scored their winning goal through centre forward Malik Rasanga who was adjudged the best player of the tournament. It was quick refreshing performance by the Royalists who have performed extremely well at hockey in recent times.

The Zahirians from the hockey town of Matale though playing well could not prevent the Royalists from scoring and there after their opponents preserved the lead and also stopped the Zahirians from getting the all important equalizer. Senanayake College, Colombo after leading at the breather. Senanayake College on penalty strokes. Vithanage placed on probation for a year Andrew Fidel Fernando espncricinfo.

A board inquiry confirmed details of his exit from the team hotel at around 7pm of the third day of the Test, and his return at around 6. Those details had originally Sixteen from P25 training together for several weeks, was playing together faster where the players get to know each other on and off the field.

He said that the players should understand each other especially in the field of play in a team game and when a player is not at his best the other players should identify this and make amends and it has to be done at the spur of the moment and there is no time to lose. This is what we have achieved in training together for a long period and accent has also been on fitness which is very essential in a fast game like hockey.

We have also paid a lot of attention on motivation and enhancing performance. Forced to follow on after being restricted to runs in the first innings, Holy Cross survived thanks largely to Lahiru Thambawita s 40 runs. They were for nine wickets at close. For Holy Cross, spinner Praveen Jayawickrama picked up seven wickets. De Mazenod all out in Minister has asked them to stick to the system that was in place.

A media release issued by the Minister s Media Secretary Harsha Abeykoon stated that the Minister had instructed the two officials to continue following the procedure that has been in place at SLC for a long time to activate decisions taken by the SLC exco. Scores: Trinity all out in In their essay Mahanama were for six wickets at close. Scores: Maris Stella College, Negombo all out in The squabbling among SLC top men exacerbated after Dharmadasa tabled this memorandum containing recommendations to be adopted in connection with the powers of the Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Cricket CEO at a recent exco meeting.

There was widespread speculation that this memorandum was aimed at curtailing the powers of Secretary Ranatunga while a section of the officials protested to the document saying it violated the SLC constitution. This is to inform you that the undersigned was vested with full authority over the Staff of Sri Lanka Cricket with immediate effect which was a collective decision taken at the Executive Committee Meeting held on 1st September , de Silva informed the SLC staff in a mail. Royalist Chamika to captain SL Under island. Richmond College all-rounder Charith Asalanka, who recently captained Sri Lanka Under team, has been selected as the deputy to Karunaratne.

Australia Under will be in Colombo from September 21 to October Emerson told the Daily Telegraph in Australia that he no-balled Muralitharan due to orders from an unnamed Cricket Australia official. I was called to a meeting with him [Cricket Australia official] and, knowing that I had called some other players, he told me I had set standards in certain areas which I should uphold in Adelaide. Yet everything blew up after I called Murali and when I saw him again he wouldn t even look at me, Emerson said, claiming that he had been let down after following through with the orders.

Emerson, officiating in his very first international match, no-balled Muralitharan for throwing when Sri Lanka played the West Indies in a triangular tournament in Brisbane in The rookie umpire incorrectly called Muralitharan for throwing even when the Sri Lankan spinner was bowling leg breaks. Further, you are not to share any information of sensitive or secretive nature with any other individual or party of authority without proper approval from the undersigned hereafter, de Silva informed SLC staffers, effectively prohibiting them communicating with SLC s elected exco members. The Executive Committee has approved to send a circular to all employees of SLC to ensure at all times that the employees of Sri Lanka Cricket do not hold the position of an office bearer or a member of a committee of any member club or association.

Prior to the tour, Muralitharan s bowling action had already been subjected to testing at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where scientific scrutiny proved that Muralitharan s elbow could not straighten due to a congenital deformity. What appeared to be a throw was in fact an optical illusion. The testing in Hong Kong and the subsequent green light by the game s governing body in allowed Muralitharan to continue playing.

However, according to the media release issued by the Ministry, Dharmadasa has also agreed to stop imposing the controversial memorandum as the Minister had asked the officials to work in unison. The Ministry media release state that SLC President Jayantha Dharmadasa and Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga agreed to patch the difference that had arisen in recent times due to miscommunication between them over administration and management issues at SLC, following a meeting he had last morning with the two officials.

The release issued by the ministry, added that both officials had agreed to work together to make a strong programme for Sri Lanka to win the forthcoming World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next year. The civil war in Sri Lanka ended. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, and. An amazingday journey in Sri Lanka, bursting with cultural beauty, fascinating history, wonderful sacred sites and stunning, diverse landscapes.

Commencing from Negombo, explore the former capital cities. Visit natural wonders and historical sites, enjoy the food. Why the Railways are considered as most important means of transport? TAG-Confucius Institute: The Institute was established in September to introduce the Chinese language and culture, as well as achieving a greater mutual understanding between the Arab and Chinese.

On arrival, you ll be met at the airport and transferred. Year 10 Conceptual narrative: Historical understanding Big ideas of historical understanding What concepts do we want our students to understand? Continuity and Change - Years The focus is on global. On arrival, you will be welcomed by our representative and transfer to Kandy. Check in at the hotel, freshen. Backgrounder: Pastor Saeed Abedini U. Km Population:. En-route, visit the. At Sigiriya climb the 5th century rock fortress of King Kasyapa; explore the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, once home.

Dengue Prevention: what we can do..? Eighth Parliament - Second Session No. Bandula Gunawardana, To ask the. Modern Foreign Languages The National Curriculum for modern foreign languages has three aims: to help you to understand and respond to spoken language; to understand and respond to written language; and. The Canada-Sri Lanka. S, signature of the Applicant. Date :. Exotic Global Holidays take pride in serving you with a unique experience. Discover Sri Lanka s wonderful cultural richness as you learn and practice life-enhancing healing art and meditation on this day wonder-filled journey.

Commencing from Negombo on 25th June , highlights. There are records of ancient travellers having set foot on. Every year, hundreds of students source information on international education. Writing for 11 grade first semester Pupils Book Unit one Write a short paragraph about the distance learning.

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. It s learning when you. Minister, The Official. Relax in the evening. Overnight stay at Negambo. Day 02 Schedule Transfer. Year 7 Conceptual narrative: Historical understanding Big ideas of historical understanding What concepts do we want our students to understand? Continuity and Change - Year 7 Students examine change from. Unawatuna Unawatuna is a coastal town in Galle district of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and famous for its beautiful beach and corals. Scuba Diving Snorkeling Surfing.

John the Baptist Parish Jerry W. Jones Jr. I M Dharmadasa Dharme 13 31 July I normally make at least one visit every year to Sri Lanka to continue and monitor my on-going solar energy. Year 6 Conceptual narrative: Historical understanding Big ideas of historical understanding What concepts do we want our students to understand? Continuity and Change - The focus remains on changes and. All rights reserved. The authors views.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. JCorcoran gmail. Current Event Report Introduction: One of the things. Thanks to everyone who watched and participated! Christopher Abstract During the 20th century, government education policy followed a utilitarian philosophy,. Introduction The Australian Council for Private. The Making of a Nation Program No.

Jurisdiction of the Commission. Bost Data collected by F. Bost and D. Messaoudi Map and layout: S. Jawaharlal Nehru visited Sri Lanka twice before India's independence. He first. Log in Registration. Search for. Chinese President Xi Jingping in Sri lanka. Special Offers to Colombo. Size: px.

Start display at page:. Special Offers to Colombo". Kory Sanders 1 years ago Views:. View more. Similar documents. Marginalisation and reconciliation in a post-conflict community. The civil war in Sri Lanka ended More information. More information. Indian Cultural Centre Colombo. Commencing from Negombo, explore the former capital cities More information.

Bandula More information. Visit natural wonders and historical sites, enjoy the food More information. Why the Railways are considered as most important means Dr. Places Visited. Over Night. Airport Colombo. Colombo City Tour. Find peace and tranquillity during your stay at the secluded Amaya Lake Hotel in Dambulla. On arrival, you ll be met at the airport and transferred More information.

Conceptual narrative: Historical understanding Year 10 Conceptual narrative: Historical understanding Big ideas of historical understanding What concepts do we want our students to understand? Continuity and Change - Years The focus is on global More information. At night experience a colourful show where you will be taken to mind blowing Sri Lankan culture extravaganza. Check in at the hotel, freshen More information.